Countertops of Amarillo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What stone does CTA recommend for kitchen and bath countertops?
A Granite is a natural stone composed of quartz and felspar. Its strength and durability make it the best choise for kitchen and bath countertops. Because granite is the hardest natural stone, it resists stains and scratches, and also, the choice of colors and patterns available in granite is endless.
Q Is there any special care I need to take with my countertops and vanity tops?
A Cooking oil and hairspray can leave a residue, and some foods and bath products contain acids and other ingredients that may etch or dull the stone surface.
Q What size slab will I need?
A Granite and marble slabs are available in a standard thickness of (3/4" and 1 1/4"). Slabs come in various sizes, and the amount of slab needed varies depending on the job.
Q What are my countertop edging choices?
A CTA has many edging styles from which to choose. We will help you choose a style during your visit to our showroom.


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