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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is it important to seal my natural stone?
A CTA recommends sealing all natural stone with exceptions. Natural stone is a porous material that can absorb spills and astains if left un treated. Sealing you stone will prevent most spills from damaging your countertops. A wide variety of sealers are available, and CTA can help you select one for your countertops.

Sealers reduce the absorption nd penetration of liquids into any surface where applied. Sealers will not always prevent staining, but will usually delay the absorption of the liquid into the stone CTA recommends sealing your countertops becasue selaed stone that has been stained is easier to clean. Before a sealer is applied, make sure that the surface is clean and no stains are present.

Before you apply any sealer or cleaner to your natural stone make sure that you test the product in a small and inconspicuous area. By using an over-the-counter chemical on your stone surface, you may risk damaging your stone.

Clean your natural stone on a regular basis with warm water and a clean soft cloth or sponge. Use a good quality neutral cleanser formulated for natural stone.


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